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As your trusted partner in shipping you can navigate with confidence. As you embark on your next voyage, rely on us as your experienced partner to deliver custom bridge electronics and navcom solutions directly tailored to your challenges.

Your maritime journey begins with Telemar.

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Stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments and insights from Telemar. Take a closer look and discover more.

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with years of experience

With decades of experience in the maritime industry, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge bridge electronic solutions and maintenance services tailored to your unique needs.


Years of expertise


Vessels supported by Telemar servicing contracts & bridge electronic solutions


Engineers & technicians in key ports


Service stations across all shipping routes

Who we

Our DNA is to serve customers anywhere on Earth, no matter how remote. We are organised around the verticals we serve, ensuring a dedicated end to end approach.


At Telemar, we're not just a partner—we're your go-to for bridge electronic solutions. Our technical experts ensure the safety of your crew, cargo and marine challenges.

Commercial fishing

Telemar has you covered with personalised solutions. Whether it's new builds or projects for retrofit, repair and maintenance.


Boasting a worldwide service network in key cruise ports, Telemar ensures seamless support for cruise and passenger operators. We empower you to provide a secure and uninterrupted journey.

Government & ports

Our local offices actively back port authorities and governments, offering advanced solutions for maritime traffic control and coastal surveillance.


Empowering safe operations with Telemars connection solutions. Redefining efficiency with Telemar.

Dredging & construction

From new builds to repair, retrofits, and maintenance, Telemar's expertise ensures safety at every step. For dredging and construction, we are your go-to specialist for marine electronics.

Tugs & workboats

Whether it's new builds or projects involving maintenance, repair, and retrofits, our dedication ensures your safety. Telemar supports you as a specialist for tugs and workboats.

Navy & Coastguard

Globally listed contractor, crafting specialised solutions for navies and coastguards. We redefine your maritime security.

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