Unlock the potential of digitalisation with SMART Maintenance, providing cyber secure remote connectivity directly to your vessel.

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We are your go-to for navigational safety and maintenance services tailored to your needs.

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With over 75 years of maritime experience, we're more than just a service provider; we're your trusted partner. Offering a comprehensive range of bridge electronics and onboard maintenance, we're dedicated to ensuring you have the solution you need. 

At the forefront of innovation, we thrive on continuous improvement. Partnering with us means benefiting from the expertise that supports over 3,000 vessels worldwide. We're committed to providing tailored services for safety and operational efficiency while minimising costs.

We're pioneers in safety and regulations. When you need remote support or new bridge equipment, our global 24/7 service desk is ready to assist you. We're always within reach with a network of over 1,250 service points worldwide.

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SMART Maintenance

Transform your vessel operations with Telemar BridgeLink SMART maintenance contracts, enhancing the way you manage bridge navigation and communication systems.

Experience the power of digitalisation with SMART Maintenance, enabling cyber secure remote connectivity directly to your vessel. No longer bound by port calls, our SMART Maintenance contracts empower you to establish, assess, and resolve technical issues promptly as they arise.

BridgeLink SMART Maintenance seamlessly connects all your bridge navigation and communications equipment to our SMART Maintenance server onboard for immediate assistance. Our service adheres to the latest IACS Maritime Cyber Secure guidelines, ensuring the highest level of security for your vessel.

Compatible with a wide range of navigation equipment and voyage data recorders (VDRs), it's a strategic tool for enhancing vessel efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime. With proactive monitoring and immediate response to bridge system issues, SMART Maintenance helps optimise reliability, streamline operations, and ultimately, save costs.

Unlock the potential of your vessel operations with Telemar BridgeLink SMART Maintenance contracts, and discover a new era of efficiency and reliability at sea.

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Digital Bridge Solution Excellence

Telemar's mastery of digital troubleshooting keeps our ships operational, reducing costs in a demanding sector.

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Whether navigating global trade or embarking on a luxury yacht excursion, addressing the distinct requirements of marine journeys is crucial for safety, regulatory compliance, and enhancing onboard or remote experiences.

We provide innovative solutions and personalised services to support you at every step of your journey. From conception to operation, count on us as your trusted partner for success on the open waters.

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