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we're Telemar, ensuring your navigation safety

Wherever you're located, we're here to assist in equipping, digitizing and optimizing your remote business operations using state-of-the-art bridge electronics, on-board and SMART maintenance services and cutting-edge network solutions.

Through continuous innovation, expertise, and applied technology, we unite systems and people with a forward-thinking approach.

At Telemar, we're not just creating solutions; we're unlocking Possibilities. Anywhere.

What we do

Your safety is our greatest concern.

For over 75 years, our maritime journey has been fueled by expertise and innovation. We're not just a service provider; we're your maritime partner, offering a dynamic blend of bridge electronic solutions, onboard and maintenance services.

We don't just adapt; we thrive on constant innovation. Your voyage will be smoother with us, working with an expert partner who supports more than 3,000 vessels, from sleek superyachts to robust fishing vessels, rely on our tailored services. We're not just about cutting-edge technology; we're your navigational ally, enhancing safety and operational efficiency by keeping your costs down.

Certified distributors of top bridge technology, we're not just experts; we're pioneers in safety and regulations. Need support? Our global 24/7 service desk, with over 100 brilliant minds, is your lifeline. Backed by a network of over 1,250 service points worldwide, we're everywhere you need us to be.

What we can do for you

Why choose 

Take a closer look and feel the personalized fit we offer for your needs.


years of expertise

Providing integrated bridge electronics and SMART maintenance solutions


customer support

Certified field service engineers and expert-driven advisory worldwide


Multi-technology solutions

Fully managed network solutions combining satellite, fibre, 5G/4G, Wi-Fi, with advanced IT and cyber services.


first-class infrastructure

Backed by strategic PoPs and world-class Network Operation Centres.

What we believe in

The well-being of our team directly impacts our customers' experiences, driving us to collaborate towards a shared future. Amidst a dynamic market and constant industry evolution, we prioritize fostering a robust company culture.

Customer centric

Putting customers first drives every decision we make

Create possibilities

Unlocking Infinite Opportunities in and outside of Telemar

Make a difference

With every service we create meaningful impact for you maritime journey

Win as a team

Our victories are shared triumphs, achieved through collective effort

Be respectful

Respect guides our interactions, fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration

Always accountable

Accountability underscores our commitment to integrity and responsibility in all efforts

Global network
connect with confidence

As you embark on your next voyage, rely on us as your experienced partner to deliver custom bridge electronics and navcom solutions directly tailored to your challenges and supported by an industry-leading network of partner manufacturers. Rely on Telemar service engineers in our own service centres or use our reliable global network of certified service partners.

With our long term experience, Telemar has not just grown; we've evolved into a global force. With offices strategically located in Italy, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China, UK and the USA, we deliver unmatched value in key shipping regions.

Across the globe, we stand ready to assist you in digitizing and optimizing your remote business operations with bridge electronic solutions and SMART maintenance services.

Sustainability ESG Marlink
Shaping tomorrow

Creating a Lasting Impact for Today and Tomorrow

We understand that the actions we take today shape the world of tomorrow. That's why we've developed a strategy that integrates environmental and social sustainability, along with strong governance practices, into every aspect of our operations. This commitment ensures that our impact extends beyond the present, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Learn how we contribute to a sustainable future

As your trusted
advisor we...

... are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions while prioritizing customer care. With a focus on delivering quality services and bridge electronic solutions, we strive to exceed expectations at every turn.

We innovate

We are pioneers in the industry and constantly think of ways to innovate for and with you.

We deliver

We are fully committed and even go beyond customers needs to exceed your expectations.

We take care

We put our people, you as our customer and partners first.

The Marlink Group: United Forces for Greater Strength

The union under the Marlink Group umbrella positions us as a formidable team. As Telemar, alongside Marlink and OmniAccess, we leverage our specialized expertise in maritime electronics.

Our shared vision is to amplify our strength together, creating a synergy that opens new realms of possibilities for you, our valued customer. Through strategic investments and a unified approach, we are not just providers; we are enablers of your success, empowering you to broaden possibilities and excel in the digitalization and optimization of your remote business operations.

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