Making SMART Maintenance a Reality! 

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Transform Your Vessel Operations
with BridgeLink SMART Maintenance Contracts

Experience top-tier maintenance services with our Bridge Electronics Smart Maintenance services for all bridge electronics equipment and VDRs. This service provides rapid remote support and maintenance provided by Telemar's dedicated engineering team, ensuring quick resolution and minimizing vessel downtime.

Elevate Your Operations


Make your vessels operate more efficiently with Telemar BridgeLink SMART Maintenance Contracts and bring the benefits of digitalization to Bridge Navigation and Communication Remote Support Contracts. 

SMART Maintenance enables Cyber Secure Remote connectivity directly to the vessel when needed to help establish, assess and fix technical issues as and when they arise, without having to wait for the next port call. 

BridgeLink SMART Maintenance connects all your Bridge Navigation and Communications equipment securely to our SMART Maintenance server onboard to our central ROC (Remote Operations Centre), which can be authorized to connect when needed in accordance with the latest IACS Maritime Cyber Secure guidelines being implemented in UR E27.  

BridgeLink SMART Maintenance is Bridge NavComs manufacturer agnostic and can work with almost any Navigation equipment and is compatible with all VDRs. SMART Maintenance not only allows Telemar to respond quickly to your technical issues, but in many cases, it can result in a timely fix avoiding the need to send an engineer onboard. When a remote fix is impractical or a physical spare part is required, costly follow-up attendances are minimized as our Field Service Engineer attends with prior fault knowledge and the correct spare parts, so 1st time fixes is our key objective for our NEW SMART Maintenance Contracts.  

SMART Maintenance is so much more than just remote access,  as it can help vessels become more efficient by improving reliability and it can significantly reduce unplanned port stays and off hire downtime. With proactive and immediate response to any issues on your Bridge system, Smart Maintenance has te potential to increase efficiencies and save operational costs.

Unlock full visibility

SMART Data to optimize 
your vessel performance

Our BridgeLink solution can also provide SMART Data, a full maritime Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. BridgeLink SMART Data is a holistic solution dedicated to maritime fleet data collection, management and analysis. Expert in system architecture and cybersecurity, BridgeLink Smart Data collects onboard sensor data centrally, integrates and standardizes the data set for further analysis ashore.

BridgeLink transforms your sensor data into reliable and valuable information and facilitates access to 3rd party services and applications, which are designed to improve vessel efficiency like shaft power monitoring or weather routing. BridgeLink SMART Data connects any onboard sensor to our central BridgeLink edge server enabling valuable data to be captured, cleaned, validated and delivered to the cloud and displayed on a shore side Dashboard for real time monitoring or to your own storage for further analysis as required.  

BridgeLink SMART Data is straight forward to install and can bring full visibility of your vessel operations directly to your desk in real time, providing visibility and even the ability to monitor and replay Navigation events quickly and easily if needed. 

Our BridgeLink suite of SMART solutions is your gateway to greener and more efficient vessel operations!

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Bridging the Gap
Introducing BridgeLink

BridgeLink seamlessly integrates advanced connectivity, remote access and enhanced Cyber Security features to optimize vessel performance and streamline operations. Experience improved efficiency, enhanced communication, cost savings, peace of mind, and future-proof technology with Telemar's BridgeLink solutions.

BridgeLink SMART Maintenance Contracts: Your gateway to greener, more efficient vessel operations.

Enhancing Vessels 
efficiency and reliability

BridgeLink and SMART Maintenance unlocks a digital seaway to gaining fleet wide operational efficincies and provides access to valuable onboard sensor data. 

Efficient Operations

With SMART Maintenance, enjoy cyber-secure vessel controlled remote connectivity directly to your vessel, enabling swifter resolution of technical issues without waiting for the next port call.

Cutting-edge Technology

BridgeLink SMART Maintenance securely connects all Bridge Navigation and Communication equipment to our SMART Maintenance server onboard, offering the option for real-time display and replay of navigation information at your desk via our secure web portal.

Manufacturer Agnostic

SMART Maintenance is compatible with almost any navigation equipment and all VDRs, ensuring rapid response to technical issues and minimizing costly follow-up attendances.

Global Reach

With SMART Maintenance, access to qualified technical remote support engineers for your Bridge Equipment is just a phone call or email away, so let Telemar help take the strain out of managing your vessel fleet.


Enjoy quicker resolution times with SMART Maintennace with a straight forward installation unlocking the potential for real-time visibility of your vessels Bridge operations and access to our dedicated Remote Operations Centre (ROC) empowering you to make informed support decisions to keep your fleet sailing.

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